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Riko for EXPO 2020 Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26. 1. 2021

RIKO has completed the construction of the Slovenian pavilion at the prestigious exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai. The pavilion with an area of 1950 m2 will present Slovenia to the visitors of the exhibition as a green heart in the centre of Europe, a crossroads of land and sea routes with an important geostrategic position.   

Timber as a great challenge in the land of sand

Riko’s wealth of experience in timber-frame construction has enabled it to build a prefabricated timber building in a country where timber construction is not only unknown, but also not regulated by law.

Rich engineering knowledge

The engineering know-how, combining the qualities of project management, an interdisciplinary approach and the use of BIM technology, contributed to the successful completion of the construction of the pavilion as one of the first projects of this globally important and high-profile platform.

Integrating different technical and cultural approaches

Riko has incorporated and integrated many approaches from contractors of different technical and cultural provenance into the overall process, successfully aligning them towards a common goal and all-round satisfaction. The Slovenian pavilion is therefore the pride of all those who contributed their rich knowledge, experience and expectations to its realisation.

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