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Sewerage Upgrade Project signed in Tržič

Tržič, Slovenia, 24. 8. 2021

On Tuesday, 24 August 2021, Janez Škrabec, director of Riko, and Borut Sajovic, the mayor of Tržič, signed a contract to launch the project to upgrade the missing infrastructure for drainage and treatment of municipal wastewater in the Tržič agglomeration. It is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the region.

The project includes a sewage network with a total length of 11,758.5 metres, including 10,707 metres of gravity sewer and 1051.5 metres of pressure sewer, as well as 10 pumping stations. Upon completion of the measure, the Tržič agglomeration will achieve 98.77% connection to the unified wastewater system, which ends with the Tržič central wastewater treatment plant. By improving the municipal infrastructure, we reduce emissions to water from municipal sources of pollution and thus increase the level of protection of the Sava River Basin.

The total value of the project, with planning work, design, supervision, public information and other costs, is more than eight million euros. The first machines on the site could start in just over a  month, and the project is expected to be completed within two years.

Riko has so far successfully built municipal infrastructure in Bela Krajina, in the municipalities of Ribnica, Sodražica and Kočevje, in the municipalities of Kranj and in the upper Drava Valley. Work on the construction of a water supply system is also being completed in the municipalities of Dravograd, Muta, Vuzenica, Radlje and Podvelka.

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