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The success of Riko's digital solutions for smart cities

Mlaka, Slovenia, 5. 7. 2022

The European Commission placed Riko’s pilot project Smart Mlaka among the top four European examples of good practice in the field of smart cities.

In cooperation with the companies 3fs, Iskraemeco, Komunala Kranj, Domplan, Elektro Gorenjska and Vigred, we created an information and communication platform of a smart city for the settlement of Mlaka near Kranj. We established the standards for data exchange with the data lake, developed and installed the appropriate software, integrated sensors for streetlights, traffic flow, environment, manhole openings, rodent detection and the counting of cyclists. We installed smart meters for electricity, gas and water level detection, machine learning and artificial intelligence mechanisms. We designed apps for energy, water, sustainability, and a control panel for Kranj’s city administration.

We are extremely proud that – after about six months of thorough analysis and evaluation - the European Commission, ranked the pilot project 'Smart Mlaka' among the best examples of smart cities in its latest report on smart communities.

With our knowledge and experience in the field of digitization of cities we at Riko:
  • create the concept,
  • establish the information communication platform of a smart city,
  • develop a digital twin as an urban area that is effectively managed with the help of information solutions, electronic data collection and analysis, all aimed at ensuring efficiency, economy, sustainable development and an improved quality of life.