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Signing of the contract for the construction of the new Ribnica intergenerational sports facility

Ribnica, Slovenia, 24. 8. 2022
Today the Mayor of the Municipality of Ribnica, Mr. Samo Pogorelc, and the director of the company Riko, Janez Škrabec, signed a contract for the construction of the Ribnica Intergenerational Sports Facility. The company Riko was selected as the general contractor for the construction of the facility in a public tender. The scope of work includes the demolition of the existing building, the design of the new building, the construction and the supply of technological equipment and interior furniture. The authors of the conceptual design are Matic Lašič, u. d. i. a. (Efekt arhitektura), and Ph.D. Matej Blenkus, d. d. i. a. (abiro).

The Ribnica intergenerational sports facility will represent a meeting ground for all economic, cultural, social, touristic and intergenerational activities. The investment includes the demolition of the old "Ideal Center" and the design and construction of a new multi-purpose building with a total area of ​​almost 4,500 m2. The building of the former home of the JLA, which had been in the past the center of local cultural and social events and has been left to decay for more than two decades, will thus be getting a completely new look in the upcoming years. The newly built facility will provide adequate premises for remote work, cultural and congress events as well as social activities. The basic purpose of the investment is to ensure a space for the establishment of a multi-functional center in the Municipality of Ribnica which will include: a lobby, a multi-purpose hall, a small congress hall, offices of the intergenerational center, a youth center, a start-up office, offices for remote work, premises for associations and in the second phase, a sports hall with a café. The facility will also include a parking garage which will provide at least 60 parking spaces. The works (demolition) are planned to start in 2022, and the deadline for the completion of the work is planned for the end of 2024 (first phase) and the end of 2025 (second phase).