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We will renovate the chairlift on Velika planina

Velika planina, Slovenia, 29. 3. 2023

Riko, in cooperation with the main contractor Leitner S.p.A., will supply and build a new six-seater chairlift on Velika Planina to replace the existing and worn-out Šimnovec two-seater chairlift, which connects the upper station of the pendulum to the Zeleni rob at the top of Velika Planina.

The work will include the removal of the old chairlift and associated facilities, the preparation of a detailed design (PZI) and PID (as-built design) documentation for the new chairlift, the supply of equipment, installation and the turnkey construction of a modern six-seater chairlift with associated facilities. The renovation will transform Slovenian tourism in a qualitative and sustainable way and will contribute to its greater 'resilience', as it will allow the winter season to be safely extended to other seasons.

Work on the ground will start in June, with a deadline for completion before the new 2023-2024 winter season.