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Signing the contract for the construction of a sewage treatment plant in Šibenik

Šibenik, Croatia, 8. 7. 2023

Riko, along with the investor, Mr. Željko Burić, the Mayor of Šibenik, and Mr. Zvonimir Štrkal, the Director of Vodovod i odvodnja Šibenik (Šibenik Water Supply and Sewerage), has signed a contract for the construction of a sewage treatment plant in Šibenik. This plant will be responsible for treating wastewater from the sewerage network.

Šibenik now has a wastewater treatment plant in Podsolarje, where the wastewater flowing from the sewerage network is only mechanically treated. This plant will undergo significant improvements, including the enhancement of mechanical waste treatment through the addition of biological treatment and the incorporation of a cogeneration unit. These upgrades will enable the recovery of biogas from the waste sludge. The water that has been treated will be released through an underwater outfall located at the southern tip of Zlarin Island.

The consortium of Riko and GH Holding, with their proven success in winning contracts in Croatia over the past several years, has been selected through a public tender for the upgrade and reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant. During the contract signing, Zvonimir Štrkalj highlighted that these two Slovenian companies were chosen based on their high quality and economically viable proposal, as well as their extensive experience and references.

The deadline for completing the project, which aims to ensure cleaner water in Šibenik and its surrounding areas, is set at three years from the signing of the contract.