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Transport Infrastructure

We build new, reconstruct, renovate and modernise existing transport infrastructure, incorporate state-of-the-art technology and products into our processes and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

With our knowledge, experience and services, we promote and enable the development of transport infrastructure that includes many multiplicative social effects and a high level of safety for its users.

We collaborate with established designers and suppliers of high-tech equipment, which ensures minimal maintenance costs and operational safety.

Rikove storitve:

            • conceptual design,
            • new construction, reconstruction, modernisation and optimisation of the existing systems, 
            • design of systems and equipment,
            • project management,
            • integration of project partners for project execution,
            • ensuring adequate funding,
            • implementation and/or supply,
            • control over the implementation and installation of equipment,
            • commissioning,
            • training of the client's staff,
            • maintenance after commissioning.

            Areas of activity:

            Road infrastructure

            • Road construction
            • Construction of bridge structures
            • Road equipment (traffic lights, lighting, safety fences, reflective fences, road markings)
            • Road Weather Stations
            • Active noise barriers along motorways and express roads
            • Installation of electrical and mechanical equipment in tunnels:
            1. Ventilation:
            2. Lighting
            3. Control of CO concentration and visibility
            4. Traffic signalization
            5. Radio equipment and PA system
            6. Video surveillance and automatic traffic detection
            7. Emergency call system
            8. Dangerous goods transport detection system
            9. Fire hydrant network
            10. Line and point type fire detection systems
            11. Active fire extinguishing systems
            12. Active tunnel noise barriers

            Railway infrastructure

            • Construction of railways and stations
            • Construction of bridge structures (underpasses, overpasses) and moats
            • Construction of retaining walls
            • Construction of level and multilevel crossings
            • Execution of railway's substructure and superstructure system
            • Tracks and track fixtures
            • Signalling and safety equipment
            • Telecommunication equipment
            • Upgrade of PTS, SDH and PDH systems
            • Installation of track cables
            • Data network
            • Traction Power Network
            • Active noise barriers
            • Level crossing safety systems 
            • Station lighting
            • Information signs and station equipment
            • Electrical and machine equipment of railway tunnels (ventilation, hydrant network, lighting, emergency call, fire alarm, video surveillance)

            Important transport infrastructure projects:

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            Urban Jaklič
            Head of Transport Infrastructure
            T: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 322
            M: + 386 (0) 31 836 535