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Friar Stanislav Škrabec Foundation

Encouraging and rewarding excellent students and scientists

The Riko company is the proud co-founder and one of the main sponsors of the Friar Stanislav Škrabec Association, which supports young students of Slovene, Slavic Studies, and Classical Philology, and also supports scientific research related to the Slovene language.

Since 2004 the Škrabec Foundation has awarded 88 scholarships to exceptional students of various courses and disciplines, and has honored a number of academics with lifetime achievement awards: Prof. Dr. Jože Toporišič, Janko Moder, Prof. Dr. Martina Orožen, Prof. Dr. Marko Snoj, and Prof. Dr. Alenka Šivic Dular.

"Who speaks little and says a lot? Certainly the generous Institution of Friar Stanislav Škrabec. It is wonderful that they award prizes every two years, so far there have been six. But surely Slovenian linguistics would survive without the Škrabec Award. Without its stipends it would be much more difficult. The serious, dedicated study of Slovene is namely more beautiful, yet more demanding than ever. The awareness that as the chosen one someone is there by your side is not only measured in Euros, although you can certainly use the money. It is measured in the joy felt upon blooming and a happy  expectation of harvest. May there be many more generations to come!"

Prof. dr. Marko Stabej, Department of Slovenian Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University in Ljubljana and the Head of the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language

"The Škrabec scholarship first and foremost encourages me to continue with my scientific research. I take it as both a confirmation of my past achievements and of my commitment to work in the humanities. Today, when the greatest value is attributed to that which is considered useful or instrumental, and is measured almost exclusively in the value of the end result, the humanities are constantly challenged with the need to reaffirm their role in and greater importance for society.
With this in mind the Friar Stanislav Škrabec Foundation scholarship acknowledges and honors the humanities as a whole, and lends a helping hand to young researchers and students who value the importance of cultivating linguistics and language and, in a far broader sense, cultural endeavors.

Kristina Pranjić, Škrabec Foundation scholarship recipient

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