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All our operations and activities are based on a well- defined bundle of core values, which translates into a system that develops and supports sustainability in every aspect and in all project phases.

"We live in a part of the world that creates more than it needs, i.e. our work and what we do goes well beyond fulfilling the conditions we need for mere survival. Our primary focus is on people and on their personal growth; what comes after that – productivity, corporate strategy, performance, and profit – all follow as secondary concerns. To lead means to know why people do what they do, to feel what they feel, and to set goals for them based on these motivating factors. I am only interested in creating economic value where these larger values are integrally involved."

Janez Škrabec, CEO of RIKO d.o.o., partner


We also offer our employees the possibility of personal growth and creativity at work by supporting their ambitions and providing professional development. Most projects must bring together and connect many parties and participants, so we make a conscientious effort to ensure the satisfaction and success of everyone involved. Similarly, we pay special attention to the natural environment in all areas of our activity. We follow and strictly adhere to both regulations and guidelines, and carefully select our partners who must all meet our high standards.

We base our philosophy on genuine integration into the environment, both in establishing business relationships and in promoting social, cultural and other segments in order to create the conditions for holistic development and a happier life for people. In all the markets in which we operate, we constantly and conscientiously consider and develop local potential and promote education and training of local people.

Riko is a founding member of the Slovene UN GLOBAL Compact initiative. 


One of Riko's most important operating principles consist of active cooperation and partnership, working in the best interests of all parties involved, so that projects take full advantage of the best solutions and innovative approaches available.

Roots and wings

Despite the constant cross-border expansion of our operations we remain firmly anchored in our local environment. We follow this old wisdom that one needs wings to fly, but roots to avoid losing the ground. Accordingly, we understand and shape our company as the culmination of a tradition that has created the intellectual and working culture with the associated values.

See the hub of Riko's value system:

The Škrabec homestead in Hrovača

The Škrabec homestead in Hrovača is the birthplace of the Franciscan friar Stanislav Škrabec (1844-1918), one of the most important linguists and authorities on the Slovene language  of the 19th century, as well as the founder of the Proto-theory of the Performative and Performativity as a verbal tense and aspect.

Generations of the Škrabec family lived and worked here for over two centuries. Today, the expanded homestead is a social meeting venue and a place where meetings, seminars, exhibitions and debates are held at the highest level, a successful fusion of tradition and vision, imbued with a rich cultural heritage.


Riko Art Collection

The Riko Art Collection consists of more than 300 paintings and statues by many of the most important Slovene artists of the 20th and 21st century, which represent a highly prolific period in the country’s art history. The collection is continually being updated and augmented with new names and works of art.

We are committed to carefully building a comprehensive collection, as well as to pursuing a clear collecting and curating policy both as owners and sponsors, which includes scholarship programmes with a view to cultivating a positive and nurturing broader artistic environment. It makes us proud to be able to make the collection available to the public on a regular basis.


The Friar Stanislav Škrabec Foundation

Riko is the proud co-founder and one of the main sponsors of the Friar Stanislav Škrabec Association providing support to young students of Slovene and Slavic Studies and the studies of classical philology as well as supporting scientific research related to the Slovene language.


Sponsorship and patronage

Our values are well reflected in the excellent reputation Riko enjoys around the world, and the many awards and citations we have received for the work we do to combine economic value with social, human values both serve as testimony to this.