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Business network

Our mission of integration

Riko group’s main pillar is Riko d.o.o., which stands for and behind the entrepreneurial initiative, comprehensive business philosophy, and value system that the Riko brand represents. The Riko group and its central pillars were established by CEO Janez Škrabec. Mr. Škrabec is not only a dedicated businessman, but also a devoted patron and sponsor of art and culture.

A number of companies producing components integrated in Riko's technical solutions also form a constituent part of Riko's business operations.

Riko is a member of many business associations that work to strengthen bilateral business and economic relations, that endeavor to establish and nurture ties both new and existing, and that raise business operating standards. We are a proud member of the Manager Association, the German-Slovene Chamber of Commerce, Am Cham, and the Slovene-Russian Business Council.