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Sponsorship and patronage

Supporting sports, culture, growth, and development

A company’s success is reflected not only in its business results, but in the responsible relationships it cultivates in its surrounding environment and society as a whole. RIKO is proud to measure the value of our company by all that we do – which definitively includes all our sponsorship and patronage activities.

"Janez is a businessman and an entrepreneur. He clearly enjoys the deals and the design of the project he is involved with.  And, very obviously, he is good at it. But the business is not great project of his life. That is Slovenia, its history, language, culture and, crucially, its future. That future will be delivered by the next generation. They are the ones whom Janez really wants to interest in his project. The business, while worthwhile in themselves, service his cause."

Charles Handy in his book "The New philanthropists" of Janez Škrabec.

Polona Lovšin
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