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Riko Art Collection

Responsible collecting

The Riko Art Collection consists of more than 300 paintings and statues by many of the most important Slovene artists of the 20th and 21st century, representative of a particularly prolific period in the artistic history of the country. The collection is continuously being updated and augmented with new names and strong new work.  

We are committed to carefully building a comprehensive collection, as well as to practicing a clear collecting and curating policy as both owners and sponsors, which includes scholarship programs and more, with a view to cultivating a positive and nurturing broader artistic environment. And we are proud to make the collection available to the public on a regular basis.
By acquiring an important work of art we also become the intermediary between it, the author and the audience. Therefore we see the management of the art collection also as a constant keeping in touch with the art scene, where we openly discuss the authors' plans and needs and co-crete the story of modern Slovenian art... This is precisely the reason why each year we systematically present our Art Collection at the gallery Miklova hiša.

We regularly show the Riko Fine Art Collection with an annual selection of work:

Polona Lovšin
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