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The Škrabec Homestead in Hrovača

Crucial intersection of values

The Škrabec homestead in Hrovača is the birthplace of friar Stanislav Škrabec (1844–1918), one of the most important linguists and Slovenists of the 19th century, as well as the founder of both modern Slovene orthoepy (pronunciation) and the norms of standard Slovene. For more than two centuries generations of the Škrabec family lived and worked there. Today, the homestead is an exhibition and meeting venue not only for the Škrabec family, but also for their many friends, guests, partners, and visitors.

The buildings, now considered cultural monuments, have been exceptionally well renovated and are available for both business meetings and various cultural events. In a more indirect or implicit way they represent an incentive for new challenges and grounds for the consolidation of well-tested forms of economic, business, and cultural life.

Hrovača - one of the most beautiful villages

Hrovača has long impressed the Tourist Association of Slovenia with its image as a friendly, hospitable, and tidy clustered village with well-preserved traditional architecture and an old village center, where local heritage is woven into the everyday life of those who still make it their home today.

The Škrabec homestead nominated for the European Museum of 2004

The jury of the European Museum Forum (EMF) were thrilled by the exemplary renovation of the homestead complex, by the unique intertwining of public and private elements, tradition and vision, and by the lively programmer designed to appeal to the broadest, most diverse public. The jury accordingly included on the shortlist for this prestigious award.

Visit the Škrabec Homestead.
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