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Contract signed for the construction of a sludge biogas plant in Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine, 4. 12. 2020

Today, in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, we signed a contract with the client Lvivvodokanal, a municipal utility company that is 100% owned by the city of Lviv, for the construction of Biogas Production and Cogeneration Facilities in Lviv, which is a technically very comlex project. The project will be carried out in partnership with the Norwegian company CAMBI, which has the most advanced technological solutions and highly efficient technological processes for the needs of wastewater treatment plants worldwide. The project was acquired in an international competition as part of the EBRD public tender.

The works include the design, construction, commissioning and trial operation of a biogas plant, the construction of anaerobic digesters, and the application of the thermal hydrolysis process (THP) for a daily capacity of 120 tonnes of sewage sludge (SS). Two wastewater treatment plants (Lviv 1-2 and Lviv 3-4) are currently operating in Lviv, the former capital of Austro Hungarian province of Galicia, which today has about 800 thousand inhabitants. Some 100 thousand migrant workers commute in the city every day, and the final treatment of sewage sludge has not yet been addressed. Upon completion of the project, the treated wastewater will be safely discharged into the Poltva underground river, which was the first stream in Europe and the then Austro Hungarian Empire to be routed through the municipal sewerage system, thus creating the first centralised sewerage system on European soil.

The RIKO-CAMBI consortium will build a centralised system for the treatment of municipal sewage sludge, a biogas cogeneration plant, a  biogas upgrading facility, gas storage and all other connecting infrastructure. Newly built facilities must be fully integrated into the operation of existing plants. The use of advanced THP technology aims to reduce the carbon footprint, increase biogas production and reduce the amount of waste. In this way, the treated sludge waste from the process is completely hygienised, which also enables its use in agriculture.

The construction of the Lviv biogas plant with a design capacity of approx. 2 mio. PE, will be the first project of this kind in Ukraine thate generates "green energy". The generation of "green energy" from biogas, which is a renewable energy source, follows the principles of sustainable development and leads to a reduction in dependence on fossil fuels. In the process of anaerobic digestion, the use of THP technology further increases the yield of the  biogas obtained and significantly reduces the amount of waste sludge produced durng wastewater treatment. Cogeneration units (for combined generation of electricity and useful heat) will generate electricity that can be used by the treatment plant either for its own needs or sent back to the  electric grid.

The value of the project, which will be completed by mid 2023, is EUR 31.5 million and the EBRD will provide the financing together with the E5P, NEFCO and JFN funds.

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