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Quality Policy and Environmental Management

International experience in the planning and execution of projects in the field of technological equipment, power, ecology, logistics systems and construction in RIKO is associated with the highest professional standards and accurate and thoughtful consideration of the expectations of our clients. We extend our operation to new markets and areas with the arising need for comprehensive solutions for the implementation of modern, more productive and environmentally friendly technologies for product manufacturing or processing industry.

We constantly monitor the global development of the technology and strive towards professional improvement in all areas. During the implementation of projects special attention is put on environmental liability, occupational health and safety liability and strict observance of the environmental and occupational health and safety law.

We are aware that our business has an impact on both the quality of the projects implemented and the equipment delivered as well as on the environment. Furthermore, our services can also influence health and safety of people that perform works on behalf of our company.

Company policy, which is constantly monitored, assessed and changed by the management on the basis of the objectives achieved, takes into account the vision of the development of the activities of the company and identifies the principles on which we build, develop and constantly improve the quality management system, the environmental management system and the occupational health and safety management system. We are aware that without the active participation of all employees in the company and those who work on behalf of the company, the policy can't be implemented successfully.

The employees are acquainted with the company’s policy by personal contacts with the management. The policy is available on the company's website for the interested public.

The main principles of the management policy are as follows:

  • continuous monitoring of market needs and adapting our abilities, appropriate communication and the availability of information to employees,
  • providing continuous professional training of company's employees,
  • encouraging and motivating employees for independent and responsible management of the activities,
  • providing economically justified quality standard at all levels of the business,
  • continuous coordination of the quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety system with applicable legal and other requirements and good business practice,
  • co-operative partnerships with key suppliers, service providers,
  • cultivating regular contacts with key clients and monitoring their satisfaction,
  • continuously improving the performance and efficiency with the objective of profitable business,
  • continuous improvement of environmental management system for improving the environmental management effects,
  • care for prevention and minimising negative impacts of our activities on the environment,
  • keeping record on consumption of sources and power and measures for its minimizing,
  • implementation of environmentally friendly technology that contributes to lowering of consumption of raw materials, support materials and power,monitoring of potential irregularities during implementation of our projects in order to prevent possible environmental emergencies/environmental damage,
  • identification of the environmental aspects and taking into account of the best available technology (BAT) during project design phase,
  • informing partners about our quality policy and environmental management policy (signing of declaration confirming that they were informed about the requirements of our company and that they will be taken into account),
  • providing continuous training and informing people working for RIKO or on its behalf, with the aim of enhancing awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly behaviour and behaviour that follows occupational health and safety standards. Qualifications of subcontractors for occupational health and safety are checked with adequate certificates produced by subcontractors for work performed on behalf of RIKO.
  • All employees (including people that work for RIKO)  must be aware of their obligations in the occupational health and safety and fire safety.


Ljubljana, December 11th 2017                                                                                 

Director: Janez Škrabec