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Coorporate Management Policy

At Riko we combine international experience in the planning of projects and the installation of machinery in areas such as energy systems, environmental protection, logistics systems and civil engineering with the highest professional standards and a careful and considerate approach to our clients. We are also expanding our activities into new markets and areas where there is a need for comprehensive solutions for the implementation of modern, more productive and environmentally friendly technologies for the manufacturing of products or the process industry.

We constantly monitor the development of technology on a global scale and provide in-service  training in all areas. When implementing projects, we pay special attention to environmental responsibility and ensure safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and damage to health. We diligently observe and comply with EHS regulations and other requirements set forth in  contracts.

The corporate management policy, the adeqacy of which is constantly monitored, evaluated and amended by the management on the basis of the objectives achieved, takes into account the vision of the development of the company’s activity and defines the principles on which we build and develop our Management Systems for quality, environment and occupational health and safety, including the commitment to continuous improvement of all systems. We recognise that without the active involvement of all employees within the company and those working on behalf of the company, it will not be possible to successfully implement the policy.

Employees are familiarised with the company policy via the intranet and it is available to  interested members of the public on the company website.

The main principles of our corporate management policy:

  • constant monitoring of market needs and addaptation of our capabilities, appropriate communication and availability of information to employees;
  • ensuring ongoing professional training of the company’s employees;
  • encouraging and motivating employees to manage the activity independently and responsibly;
  • ensuring commercially viable levels of quality at all levels of business;
  • continuous alignment of management systems with applicable legal and other  requirements relating to the environment, occupational health and safety and good business practices;
  • partnering with key suppliers and/or service providers;
  • maintaining constant contact with key accounts and monitoring their satisfaction;
  • continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness with the aim of a profitable business;
  • continuous improvement of the environmental management system to increase its effectiveness and continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system;
  • care for the prevention and reduction of negative impacts of our activities on the environment;
  • care for the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks to  health and safety at work;
  • recording resource and energy consumption and measures to reduce it;
  • construction or installation of environmentally friendly technologies that reduce the consumption of raw materials, auxiliary materials and energy;
  • monitoring posibble non-conformities in the realisation phases of our projects, in order to prevent possible environmental emergencies, environmental damage, injuries, accidents and adverse health effects;
  • environmental aspects are identified at the design stage, incorporating where possible the requirement for best available techniques (BAT) together with the product life cycle (LCA);
  • familiarise partners with our management policy (signing a statement confirming that they have been informed of the company’s requirements and that they will comply with them;
  • provide ongoing training and information to those who work for or on behalf of RIKO, with the aim of improving awareness of the importance of environmentally sound management and minimisng risks to health and safety at work;
  • ensure involvement in the consultation and participation of the company’s employees to improve the occupational health and safety management system.


Ljubljana, 17 February 2020

Janez Škrabec