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23. 9. 2011

Cooperation with the Ukrainian company VAZ

This year, Riko is successfully penetrating the promising Ukrainian market. Our partner alliance with prestigious Ukrainian companies such as TURBOATOM and HYDROSILA has been complemented by the Volchansk Aggregate Plant VAZ. Riko will supply VAZ with technological equipment for the mechanical treatment of castings.
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17. 8. 2011

Riko is constructing CERO in Zasavje

Riko will be in charge of the construction of a Regional waste management centre CEROZ II. phase, located in Hrastnik (in the area of Unično), to be used by three municipalities of Zasavje – Litija, Zagorje, Hrastnik and the municipality Radeče. It shall be handed over to the client by the end of 2013.
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26. 7. 2011

New contract with Ukrainian Turboatom

Riko will provide Ukrainian Turboatom with a sandblasting machine VK 4500 x 3500 MS. The contract of purchase was signed by Janez Škrabec, Director of the company Riko d.o.o., and Viktor Georgevič Subotin, General manager of the company Turboatom, at the headquarters of the company in Kharkiv. The honorary consul of Slovenia in Kharkiv, Mr. Anatolij Mihajlovič Bondarenko, was also present at the signing and he is known for encouraging business cooperation between Slovenia and Ukraine.
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20. 7. 2011

Works on CERO Slovenska Bistrica have begun

Riko, along with partners Granit d.d. Slovenska Bistrica and Drava vodnogospodarsko podjetje d.d. Ptuj, have been selected and hired as contractors for the project CERO Slovenska Bistrica. Our responsibilities entail planning, purchasing of equipment, construction, a test run of the facility, its handing over for operations and management of the project. The construction works have begun today.
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4. 7. 2011

Riko to build in Radeče

Today the mayor of the and Riko d.o.o. CEO Janez Škrabec signed a contract to construct a wastewater treatment plan in Radeče.
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23. 5. 2011

Škrabec ranking second among the top CEOs in Slovenia

This year, Riko CEO Janez Škrabec ranked second among the top Slovene CEOs. The reputation survey is conducted every year by the Kline partner agency on a sample of 800 representatives of the Slovene business world, and evaluates the performance of large, medium-sized and small companies as well as of their CEOs.
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8. 5. 2011

First contract with Hydrosila

We at Riko have signed the first contract for supplying technological equipment to the Ukrainian company Hydrosila seated in Kirovohrad, considered the largest manufacturer of hydraulic units and components in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
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6. 5. 2011

Signature of contract with Kolektor Etra

In the Jožef hotel in Idrija, Riko d.o.o. Chief Executive Janez Škrabec, Head of the Kolektor Group Stojan Petrič and Commercial Manager of Kolektor ETRA Peter Novak today signed a contract on cooperation in the turnkey construction of transformer stations in Minsk, Belarus, under the direction of Riko as the general contractor. By the end of 2012, Kolektor ETRA will manufacture and deliver five energy transformers with a power of 40 MVA and a voltage of 110/20 kV.
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3. 5. 2011

Construction of Volkovo sewage works progressing

In the in , one of the most modern sewage treatment plants in the is being built by the company Hidroinženiring in cooperation with Riko. Construction works began at the end of last year, and will be finished in 2012.
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20. 4. 2011

Janez Škrabec proclaimed as the best CEO

Every year, the Kapital financial fair not only offers an excellent program with business opportunities but also awards those who have achieved something extraordinary. The selection is entrusted to 40 business editors working for the Slovene media: they choose the best financer, the best company and the best CEO. This year, the choice for the best financier fell on Dr. France Arhar, Chairman of the Management Board of UniCredit; Gorenje was chosen as the best company; and Riko CEO Janez Škrabec was acknowledged to be the best CEO. The award winners were proclaimed by Srečko Pirtovšek, editor-in-chief of the Kapital magazine, who gave them the award: a symbolic glass euro.
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