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New York, 27. 7. 2016

First P.A.T.H. House in the U.S.A.

Starck with Riko is to build a 750 m2 P.A.T.H. house on a magnificent private property located in Bedford, just 40 miles north of Manhattan, NY. The two stories 'Montfort' type house with a glass facade and signature corniche roof will serve as a family vacation home.
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4. 7. 2016

Janez Škrabec, the third most esteemed director this year

According to a study by Kline & Partner, which has measured and monitored the reputation of companies and directors over many years now, Riko Director Janez Škrabec is ranked in third place on the reputation scale.
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15. 4. 2016

Sludge drying facility opened at Novo mesto Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

A sludge drying facility has been opened by Riko at the Novo mesto Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project, within which Riko acted as the lead partner in a consortium together with Huber GmbH from Germany, was completed a month and a half before the contractual deadline.
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31. 3. 2016

We developed a line for the processing of freight car boolsters

At Riko we continue to strengthen our role as a strategic supplier of technological equipment for the development of the railway industry in Russia. In accordance, we have developed a line for the processing of freight car boolsters for the Russian company TVSZ, a leading manufacturer of freight car wagons based in Tikhvin. The solution, which we have developed for the client, will enable the processing of large scale items in a smaller space while still achieving large production capacities. The project will be completed within one year, in other words by the end of March 2017 when we will deliver the equipment perform a test run.
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29. 3. 2016

The contract for the construction of an aqueduct in the Podravje region has been signed

Riko has signed a contract to build a 112 km long water supply network in the municipalities of Dravograd , Muta , Vuzenica Radlje ob Dravi and Podvelka .
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30. 12. 2015

The contracts for the construction of the water distribution system in Ribniško-Kočevska dolina, Slovenia have been signed

The operators chosen for the »Supply with drinking water within the Sodražica – Ribnica – Kočevje area« project signed their contracts at today's occasional press conference in Kočevje. Dr. Vladimir Prebilič, the mayor of the Kočevje municipality pointed out the importance of this project for the residents of all three participating municipalities and ceremoniously signed the contracts with the contractor's representatives, i.e. Janez Škrabec the director of the Riko company that is in charge of the water supply network construction, Boris Savnik, the director of the Hidroinženiring company, chosen for the purification plant construction and Branko Vodušek from the Dialog-si.net company, which will be informing the public on the project proceedings and progress. The entire project will be supervised by the Projekt Nova Gorica company.
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30. 12. 2015

First wooden kindergarten in Belarus

The new kindergarten Vesninka designed by Slovenian architect Jure Kotnik, opened its doors in the city of Minsk and stands as a great example ofa modern European sports kindergarten, built using the latest architectural standards and high quality natural materials which are environment and health friendly. Wood as a building material enables the healthiest living environment, it is environmentally sound and highly energy-efficient. The wooden prefabricated kindergarten Vesninka brings a number of innovations to the Belarusian environment. This is the first public facility certified A+ as the highest class of energy-efficient and energy-saving building. Moreover, it is also the first prefabricated wooden public building in Belarus.
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Metlika, 30. 11. 2015

New water supply network opened in Bela krajina

Riko has passed on the Bela krajina water supply system phase II. project in Metlika, which is considered the most important joint infrastructure project of the Bela krajina municipalities. The project, which was managed by Riko, addresses solutions to the problem of water supply in Bela Krajina in the long term.
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28. 10. 2015

The RCERO Zasavje is open

The Regional Waiste Management Center (RCERO) constructed by Riko, d.o.o. has been solemnly opened.
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26. 10. 2015

The purification plant covering the area of Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji is open

The construction of the 11,000 PE large purification plant covering the area of Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji with its 15.4 km long sewage system has been managed by Riko as main contractor.
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