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12. 7. 2013

Janez Škrabec - this year’s second most eminent Manager

According to the Kline & Partner research that measures and follows the reputation of companies and managers Riko’s Director Janez Škrabec was named Slovenia’s second most eminent manager.
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5. 7. 2013

Riko in charge of the environmental protection projects in Grosuplje and Ivančna Gorica

The mayor of Grosuplje Peter Verlič and the mayor of Ivančna Gorica Dušan Strnad have met today in Grosuplje to sign the contract for the following projects “Sewage system construction and central cleaning plant upgrade in Grosuplje” and “Sewage system construction and central cleaning plant upgrade in Ivančna Gorica”.
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3. 6. 2013

Riko among the best in 2012

According to Finance and Delo Riko was one of the most successful companies in the year 2012.
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30. 5. 2013

Construction contract for the Ivanovo textile mill

Riko signed a contract for construction of a textile mill for special fabric production. The project investor is the manufacturing company Ivanovo from Kokhm, Ivanovo Oblast in the Russian Federation. i.
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22. 3. 2013

Riko – best employer

Year after year the daily paper Dnevnik exposes the best employers who are aware of the importance of satisfied employees. It is a well known fact that the success of every company depends on its employees. Yesterday, during final announcement of the best employers on the open stage (Oder pod zvezdami) of Ljubljana`s puppet theatre, Riko received the »Golden thread« (Zlata nit) reward for being the best employer among medium-sized businesses in the year 2012.
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5. 3. 2013

Janez Škrabec – President of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Economics

The Senate of the Faculty of Economics and the Council of the Centre for Business Excellence of the Faculty of Economics appointed Janez Škrabec, the founder and managing director of the company Riko d.o.o., the President of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Economics of the University in Ljubljana.
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22. 2. 2013

Riko signed a contract for replacement of boilers and burners

Today the managing directors of Riko and Energetika Ljubljana, Janez Škrabec and Hrvoje Drašković, signed a contract for replacing the GVL 1 and GVL 2 hot water boilers, the BKG 1 steam boiler and burners on the hot water boiler VKLM 5 in TOŠ«.
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14. 2. 2013

Riko and MAG supplying for MAZ

Riko is strengthening its position as a strategic supplier of technological equipment to automobile industries in Belarus. We developed a technological line for working on reduction gear housings for MAZ, a regionally successful manufacturer of lorries, busses and mobile lifts for vehicles. Together we can offer higher quality and capacity car parts treatment. The equipment will be delivered by the end of 2013, the launch and reaching of full work capacity is foreseen in the first quarter of 2014.
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16. 12. 2012

Riko entrusted with the construction of a wastewater draining and treatment system in Carinthia

The mayors of Radlje ob Dravi (Alen Bukovnik), the mayor of Dravograd (Marijana Cigala) and Riko`s managing director (Janez Škrabec) signed a contract for the final two sequences in a group of projects »Wastewater draining and treatment in the river basin of Drava – Upper Drava«. In frames of this contract we will finally be able to regulate the draining and treatment of wastewater and protection of water resources in the river basin of Upper Drava.
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28. 11. 2012

Riko signed a contract with the Russian Zvezda

Riko will plan, construct and equip Zveza`s factory for production of diesel engines.
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